The final weeks

32 weeks…

With less than 8 weeks left until little miss makes her official debut into this big, crazy world, life is busier than ever. This pregnancy is by far the fastest I have had, and that is in large part thanks to my own kids and their always-full dance cards. It would seem that pregnancy as a gestational carrier could drag- after all, we aren’t prepping nurseries, stocking up on needed baby gear, choosing pediatricians, or attending baby showers. Add to that the fact that as a gc, you know you are pregnant (or at least anticipate that you are) from about 2 weeks instead of the normal 6-8 weeks. But you would be surprised how fast the time actually goes, and these last weeks for me will be the quickest yet. So what do the final weeks of pregnancy as a gestational carrier look like…?

  • Nesting: As it turns out, your body doesn’t care that the baby you are carrying isn’t yours. The nesting instinct is still there, but may present somewhat differently. For example, today I went and purchased paint supplies, and tomorrow I will buy the actual paint. My big project for the next couple of weeks will be repainting all of the walls and trim in my house. I am also reorganizing my cabinets and pantry, and am mentally redecorating the entire house. lol
  • Shopping: I said I wouldn’t do it, but have you seen all of the cute baby clothes and items available these days?! I may have picked up a few things here and there to surprise her parents.
  • Journaling: Keeping track of my thoughts, feelings, and special moments has been important to me since minute one. But as the days and weeks tic by, and her birth draws closer, it is a time of additional reflection as I prepare to give her to her family.
  • Prep: In the coming weeks I will pack my hospital bag. Though I have a scheduled c-section, I want to be prepared just in case. I will also be making arrangements for my 2 human kids and 5 fur kids (who wants to help??) for while I am in the hospital. As a general precaution, I will verify that my financial affairs are in order, and bills are paid in advance. Again…You never know.
  • Hospital tour: Not for me, sillies! We all know this is not my 1st rodeo. The family flew in for a visit at the end of last week to see the bump for the first time (and feel her wiggle), go to my OB appointment, meet my doc, and tour the labor and delivery wing of the hospital (appropriately called the ‘Miracle Life Center‘). They were overwhelmed by how kind and gracious the staff of both places were, and many hugs were exchanged as faces were finally matched with names. I was given my required RhoGam shot. A copy of the approved pre-birth order was passed along for review. We discussed what will happen on delivery day and after (more on that later). Items were crossed off the to-do list.

When we walked out of the hospital and turned one last time to look at the sign above the doors, I asked them how they felt knowing that the next time they walk through them, they would be carrying their sweet baby girl. After more than 12 years, in less than 8 weeks, they will leave the Miracle Life Center with their miracle baby. Until then, stay tuned while my family grows another

4 thoughts on “The final weeks”

  1. Jessica, I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. First off, it’s so well written! I find it so fascinating reading about your journey as a gestational carrier. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. You’re an incredible woman to give 2 families a baby.


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