A journey by the numbers.

39 weeks…

Well, I wasn’t sure if there would even be a 39-week post, because babies do what babies do…But here we are (because I carry babies like an elephant). I’ve tried to think of an appropriate way to wrap up our collective time together- mine with the baby, mine with the family, and mine with all of you. What could I possibly say that would do this journey justice? The growing of a life, the adding to a family, the creation of a life-long friendship….So as I started to reflect on all that has happened since May of 2017, it struck me as interesting how much of it could be described in, and summed up as, A journey by the numbers…

  • It has been 253 days since I received the most delicate little being I will ever have in my care…So tiny you could only see it with a microscope, so new it didn’t have an obvious gender yet.
  • It took 51 self-injections, 172 suppositories, 127 abdominal patches, 2 medical procedures, plus birth control, steroids, baby aspirin, thyroid meds, and countless blood draws to make that embryo transfer possible.
  • There were THOUSANDS of miles traveled to make sure the stars were aligned (medically) for me to receive the transfer.
  • It has been 147 days since we found out that the precious cargo I am growing is a sweet (but very strong) baby girl.
  • There have been 28 blog posts written to share this incredible journey with all of you.
  • I have sent 8 bump pics to a long-distance family who has trusted me with their absolute most precious.
  • There have been 27 pounds gained to grow this baby to the 39 week mark, now ready to be born strong and healthy.
  • It has been a long, 12-year journey for this couple to have the baby girl they have until now only dreamed about.
  • And it is only 2 short days, 24 hours, until these folks will witness the birth of their miracle baby. Until then, stay tuned while my family grows another

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