Surprise…We (A BIG collective ‘we’) are PREGNANT!

12 Weeks…

I suppose it is time to let the proverbial cat out of the bag (before it becomes physically obvious, or people notice my lack of Budweiser posts). At almost 39 years old, I am PREGNANT. But don’t go planning me a shower and offering your favorite baby name suggestions just yet. This. Baby. Isn’t. Mine. I am a gestational carrier (GC)…In other words, Just the Oven. And before you express your concern about my ability to give up the baby I am growing, feeling move, ‘bonding with,’ etc…No need to worry. This isn’t my first rodeo. The twins I carried last time around just turned 4 on August 15th. I didn’t have social media then, but have always been completely open to talking about my experience, because most people say they have never met a GC and ask lots of questions. That being said, I will not discuss specifics (here or anywhere else) about the families I carry for out of respect for their privacy. The details of their fertility struggles are like that of so many others’, myself included. No age, race, or socioeconomic status is excluded. There is no discrimination here. Sadly, their names could be interchanged with folks just like them- a strange club, of sorts, made up of families on this difficult, and often frustrating, fertility roller coaster…Unique, but ultimately the same. Without the help of a gestational carrier or surrogate (two different things, by the way, but I will save that explanation for another day), these folks may not ever experience having a baby or growing their family. But there are so few women willing to carry, for a variety of reasons (including a simple lack of understanding about how it all works). So this is why I am sharing my journey, my Confessions of a Gestational Carrier. Stay tuned while my family grows another…cropped-cropped-confessions-of-a-gestational-carrier-belly-pic-with-hands1


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