Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

19 weeks…

Evidently I am really good at getting/being pregnant, but terrible at guessing gender! I was 100% sure that baby Bryo (short for ’embryo’) is a boy…And I have never been more happy to be wrong! This family wanted a baby girl so badly, and a baby girl is what they will get…February 28th to be exact!

Last Tuesday was incredibly exciting! I got out of bed in the BEST mood, fed my 5 pups, showered, got my kids up and around, lunches made…Your typical school-day morning, except it was also ULTRASOUND DAYYYYYYY! On the way to school, the kids and I discussed (again) whether we thought the baby was a boy or girl (we all said boy). I dropped them each off and rushed (safely, and within the speed limits, of course) across town to my appointment…And arrived to find out I was an hour early. Oops. Better early than late, I suppose.

Luckily for me someone else was late to their appointment, so I was called back early. It is always fun to see the tech- Dave- at my OB office, because we have an easygoing relationship after the last 14+ years of him scanning my pregnancies. From Lillian, to Julian (my kids), to the twins, and now this baby, he has been my guy. We also discussed gender guesses and why (a boy because I feel like I am carrying just like I did with Julian), and he laughed like he does at everything I say because he thinks I am ridiculous.

We got the intended parents on the phone, did introductions, and got down to business. Though they wanted a girl (and truly would have been beyond happy either way), one of them guessed pink, and the other blue. Dave began taking measurements of the important parts that determine size, health, and development (femur, head, belly, etc), and attempted multiple times to check gender…But the baby had its legs scrunched up tight. Multiple attempts to wake her and annoy her enough to move them failed. So we listened to her heartbeat and the parents heard it ‘live’ for the first time!

Then Dave looked at me and said, ‘I see 2 legs, but not 3.’ Took me a minute…Me: ‘Wait! It’s a GIRL?!’ Him: ‘Yes.’ [with a huge smile] The intended parents didn’t hear him, so I got to relay the wonderful message! After YEARS of attempts, happily getting hopes up and sadly being let down, they were finally able to cry HAPPY tears, because they are having their very own baby G I R L. At every milestone- positive pregnancy test, verification of pregnancy via ultrasound, hearing the heartbeat on the Doppler, and now learning the baby’s gender- I have thought it was our best, most exciting day. It is so rewarding to get to share each of these moments with them, and in turn with you. So many more best days to come while their journey continues. Be sure to stay tuned while my family grows another…

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